River Christian Centre

Reaching, Resourcing, Releasing


The River Christian Centre (RCC) is a registered charity and limited company. We are a community outreach organisation and work with people of all ages and backgrounds in our locality. We are based in South Canning Town in the London borough of Newham and have been working for over 100 years as a charity committed to serving people and tackling the many disadvantages this area faces.

RCC runs a number of its own projects and programmes as well as being home to many others as we seek to work not in isolation but in partnership with others who share our vision and ethos. 

The Past

We are part of a long standing history of successful and positive work in Canning Town. For more information about the history of the site, formerly the Malvern Mission Centre and up until 2003 the Mayflower Family Centre see the attached PDF document 'Our History'

The Present

RCC currently runs services for all ages and backgrounds. The next page details more of what we do and who we do it with. The legacy of the past is important to us and will not be forgotten, but the present is about serving the people of this community at this time and meeting those real needs. When we talk about outreach, we talk about acknowledging definite needs and providing a service or a means of meeting them. 

The Future

We have a vision, it comes out of what has gone on before and it is being worked out in the present, but it is bigger. It is a long term and exciting new vision that will see our old and inadequate buildings transformed and renewed. Not for the sake of new buildings, but for the benefit of the people, our community. 

Canning Town is changing, major redevelopment plans are happening. We can either stay as we are, working well at doing small scale community work, limited by our resources, or we can change as well. We can design and develop new state of the art building that can fully carry out the work that we want to do. They will be attractive, drawing people in, but it will be our commitment and concern for people that will make the difference.

Contact Us

River Christian Centre, Vincent Street, Canning Town, London E16 1LZ

Main Office (Open Mon-Fri 9:30am-1:30pm) 020 7476 1171

Email: info@rccltd.org.uk